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The Print Shop Professional 6.4 - Instant Download for Windows (1 Computer)

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$109.99 USD

This Software will only work with the following Operating Systems. Confirm your Operating System is listed before Purchasing:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
SoftwareCW Customer (Trenton, CA)
Software's Ease of Use:
Very Easy
Very Hard
Buyer's Overall Tech Experience:
Buyer's Operating System: Windows 11

The Print Shop Professional 6.4 - Instant Download for Windows

SoftwareCW Customer (Halethorpe, US)
Software's Ease of Use:
Very Hard
Very Easy
Buyer's Overall Tech Experience:
Buyer's Operating System: Windows

I’m not totally pleased

SoftwareCW Customer (Fort Myers, US)

I had print shop add print shop years ago and I love the program but this I haven't been able to use it it's been very hard to I just wanted to make some stamp size stickers and it just wouldn't allow me to do this so I don't know what's about your product but it doesn't seem to work very well nowadays so I can't give any good review

SoftwareCW Customer
Pretty old, just tweaked for Windows 10

The product is awful. Ancient software kludged to work on Windows 10. it worked for me for 3 days, then refused to load (yes I am running as Administrator). I tried to reinstall without success. And now, after several failed attempts, it says I have exceeded the number of registrations allowed for the license key. Finally I did manage to contact their support and they sent me a link for a download that was over 100 MB larger than the original exe file, and they also reset my license key. That exe installed much differently from the original one and it at least works. Also, note hat Version 23 projects do not import exactly. There is quite a bit of tweaking necessary before they can be used. Not all the V23 fonts are available in 6 Pro and that is probably the main problem with imports.

SoftwareCW Customer
Alright Depending On What You Want To Do

The Print Shop software received a UI makeover and now sports a more up-to-date look with the 6.0 version. However in terms of features it's not significantly different the 4.0 version I'd previously used. I agree with users who've complained the software tends to run slow or unresponsive. On my Win10x64 PC with 16gb DDR it's not awful. but certainly a bit annoying in terms of workflow. In any case, The Print Shop remains an 'old school' approach to desktop publishing. IMO, it's "pro" is a fairly easy learning curve especially in creating newsletters or text-heavy publications. Commonly used features such as wrapping text around pictures, text and column formatting, adding artistic headlines, etc., are within reach for most users. But in comparison, Serif's "Affinity Publisher" software is thoroughly professional, fast, and capable of virtually anything albeit with a higher learning curve. And of course for simple, colorful projects there's always "Canva" with it's friendly UI that anyone can master. So, assuming it runs acceptably on your computer, The Print Shop might have it's place. But I do acknowledge some potential "cons"... 1) Doesn't run well on some computers, 2) There's no "try-before-buy" version, 3) Ready-made templates, projects, and graphics must be downloaded "on demand" from the publisher's server. Doing so is a simple, integrated process (just click on whatever you want to use) however you must have internet access to fully utilize the program's features. 3) Support is virtually non-existent. I've emailed them several times with legitimate questions/concerns and have never received a reply. That's a big negative in my opinion.

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Impressive Design Projects Made Easy

Created for the home office, The Print Shop is ready to help you make some design magic. Packed with tons of easy-to-use text, photo editing, and page layout tools, it also has over 6,700+ pre-made design templates and over 262,000+ pieces of clip art and photos at your disposal to create impressive projects to suit any taste.


Start by selecting a template or creating a new design from scratch.


Customize and make it your own. Change font, color, photos and more.


Print, Publish and Share with your friends, customers and colleagues.

Over 6,700+ Pre-Made Design Templates

Over 262,000+ Clips Art Images and Photos

Your Small Business Partner

We understand that small businesses and small business owners have to stretch their resources farther than most. That’s why, when we create each new version of The Print Shop Professional, we pack in the most advanced advertising design tools and printing solutions for an affordable price. The Print Shop Professional has tens of thousands of images, art pieces, and templates that can be used for a multitude of business related projects. And if you have any questions, our forums moderators are eager to assist.

Royalty Free Images and Templates

With The Print Shop Professional, we want to make it easy to create a project free of commercial limitations. With over 12,00+ royalty free professional backgrounds and images, and 1,000+ royalty-free templates, the content options for commercial use are almost endless.

Powerful Photo Editing and Design Tools

If you need a custom look and feel to a project, The Print Shop has you covered. Easily import personal photos and color correct, crop, and alter them in any way you need to elevate your design. With our easy design tools you can add your own shadows and gradients, as well as build frames with our custom border maker.

Erase Blemishes

Erase Wrinkles

Remove Red Eye

Whiten Teeth

Color Correction

Image Cropping

All the Printing and Publishing Tools You Need

The Print Shop supports a variety of printers, paper sizes, and duplex printing. Save and share as a PDF, publish to HTML (website, social media, email), and print professionally.

Manage Your Contacts

Store addresses, phone numbers, and special dates. Simply add the contact fields right into your project.

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The Print Shop Professional 6.4 - Instant Download for Windows 1 Computer

The Print Shop Professional 6.4 - Instant Download for Windows (1 Computer)

$109.99 USD


Graphic Design

Compatible Operating Systems

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11

Number of Computers/Users

1 Computer

License Duration

One Time Purchase

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