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Corel WordPerfect Office 2021 Standard - Instant Download for Windows (1 Computer)

Corel  |  MPN: WP2021STDEFMBAM  | 
$129.00 USD $249.99

This Software will only work with the following Operating Systems. Confirm your Operating System is listed before Purchasing:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
SoftwareCW Customer (Winston-Salem, US)
Quick Fix for new computer

I have used WordPefect since it's inception in the '80s. I just got a new computer and could not locate my original CD, so I order Instant download and was up and running in minutes. Will continue to use this product for as long as I can use a computer. So much better than Word!

SoftwareCW Customer
Love that program

Installed quickly with no problems

SoftwareCW Customer
Been WordPerfect user since 1988

Best word processing suit for the money. TOP SHELF. Easy to use, install and work on.

SoftwareCW Customer
Good deal for the money

Wanted a product that was easy and not expensive.

SoftwareCW Customer
Reigning champ. Two primary selling points

Wordperfect is the word processor I first learned on. It was preferred by all my professors in college, as it has always been smoother and less glitchy than Microsoft products, and so easy to import/export different formats. It's always been my personal favorite, and I'm really accustomed to the style and format of it.I've been away from Wordperfect for several years, and I refuse to use Microsoft for a million reasons, including cost. Instead I've been using Open Office, Libre Office, or Google Docs, for the sake of convenience. They're more than adequate, great for 95+% of everything I need to do, but they have obvious limitations. So I was excited to try Wordperfect again, to see what their more modern iteration looks like.It looks and feels very much like the traditional Wordperfect, and I still love it. It's more user friendly, it's great for crossing formats, it's better at label templates (such as Avery labels), and of course it has all those terrific preloaded templates for resumes, letters, brochures, etc.However, none of those are really selling points for me - yeah I love them, but not enough to buy and install a new software. I can muddle my way through Libre, Open Office, or Google Docs for all those things.What DID sell me on this new Wordperfect 2021 were two features - the presentations, and the ebook creator.The presentations are dynamic, easy to put together, and you can screen record them for publication later. Much more sophisticated than Google Docs Presentations, and easier/cheaper than Powerpoint.The other selling point for me was the eBook publisher, a quicker and easier way to put together dynamic ebooks quickly.So I'm obviously biased, but I like everything about it. However, I personally would not buy it simply for nostalgia - those special features are the main selling points for me.

Make an impression by creating high-quality documents, presentations, and detailed spreadsheets with the WordPerfect Office Standard 2021 from Corel. This retail mini-box includes a DVD, plus a card with a digital download key for access to the full WordPerfect Standard 2021 office suite for Windows, which includes WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, Presentations, WordPerfect Lightning, WordPerfect eBook Publisher, and AfterShot 3. WordPerfect 2021 includes a host of new and updated features, including Oxford Concise Dictionary integration, improved Microsoft Office compatibility, better access to document statistics, and more. You can further enhance your reports, brochures, eBooks, and slide shows using AfterShot 3 to quickly edit digital photographs before inserting them into your documents. Other features include over 900 TrueType fonts, more than 10,000 clipart images, and access to over 300 templates to enhance your productivity.

Main Applications


Create high-quality documents, letters, brochures, résumés, and more. This word processor includes extensive file-format compatibility, including Microsoft Office. Features such as the integrated Oxford Concise Dictionary, Reveal Codes, and improved access to document statistics provide you with greater control over your documents.

Quattro Pro

Build comprehensive spreadsheets for budgets, invoices, and reports with this spreadsheet program. Open, edit, and create files, including Microsoft Excel format, to organize, analyze, and share data.


Prepare, design, and then deliver captivating presentations. Presentations 2021 is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint files and wireless remotes to help efficiently present slideshows, proposals, demos, interactive reports, and more.

WordPerfect Lightning

Collect text and images from multiple sources, then export them to documents, include them in emails, or post them to blogs.

AfterShot 3

Quickly learn professional-grade photo editing with AfterShot 3. The application allows you to make corrections, enhancements, and adjustments to images, and you can streamline work with multiple photos using the batch processing tools.

WordPerfect eBook Publisher

With support for the EPUB file format, the WordPerfect eBook Publisher allows you to create books, manuals, brochures, and more for devices such as the Kobo, Nook, and Sony Reader. WordPerfect eBook publisher enables relative font and graphic sizing, and automatic conversion of footnotes to cross-linked endnotes. Documents can be created in WordPerfect and saved as EPUB eBooks.


WordPerfect Office 2021 Features

  • Oxford Concise Dictionary
  • Enhanced Microsoft Office compatibility
  • Improved access to document statistics
  • In-application feedback for collaborative projects
  • Enhanced searching in Quattro Pro
  • User experience optimizations
  • JBIG support for improved PDF importing
  • Improved find and replace tools
  • Document Features

  • Reveal Codes provide great control over document attributes such as alignment and formatting
  • Redaction blocks sensitive information
  • Metadata Removal clears attributes such as edit history, contributors, and other hidden information
  • The Bates numbering system may be used with critical files in fields such as law and medicine
  • Productivity Features

  • Improved Search and Find and Replace tools in Quattro Pro
  • Macro manager
  • "Favorite" mark for document tracking
  • Mail merge expert
  • Keystroke menu
  • The Make It Fit feature resizes text to fit specified page numbers
  • Compatibility

  • Enhanced Microsoft Office file compatibility
  • Support for over 60 file formats
  • Save to multiple formats, including WPD, HTML, and PDF
  • Automatic document formatting for HTML publishing
  • PDF Support

  • JBIG support for enhanced PDF importing
  • PDF form feature
  • PDF exporting
  • PDF security and archiving
  • Customization Features

  • Enhanced user experience in corporate environments
  • Function key template
  • Web services integration
  • Legal toolbar
  • File Previewing & Viewing

  • Enhanced access to document statistics
  • One-click footnote and endnote editing
  • Template viewer
  • Windows Explorer and Microsoft Outlook file previewing
  • Unrestricted access to open documents
  • Additional Features

  • 900 TrueType fonts
  • 10,000 clipart images
  • 300 templates
  • 175 digital photos
  • WordPerfect Address Book
  • Presentations Graphics bitmap editor and drawing application
  • WordPerfect XML Project Designer

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    Corel WordPerfect Office 2021 Standard - Instant Download for Windows 1 Computer

    Corel WordPerfect Office 2021 Standard - Instant Download for Windows (1 Computer)

    $129.00 USD $249.99


    Word Processing

    Compatible Operating Systems

    Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11

    Number of Computers/Users

    1 Computer

    License Duration

    One Time Purchase

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