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Corel VideoStudio 2021 Ultimate - Instant Download for Windows (1 Computer)

Corel  |  SKU: VS2021UMLMBAM |
$5999 USD $9999
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Compatible Operating Systems

This Software is only compatible with the following Operating Systems, please ensure yours is listed below before purchasing:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

There are no Refunds for incompatible Operating Systems

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Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
SoftwareCW Customer (South Vienna, US)
Loyal Corel customer, some minor issues.

I've used CorelDraw just short of 30 years. I took a chance on VideoStudio Ultimate after watching videos, options, and some tutorials. I had issues with Pixelation on video edited output (and is a common complaint I found) and Corel support could not resolve it nor the forum could tell me what the issue was and blamed it on original source properties. Then I found out it wasn't the source because 4 different freeware video editors produced better/nicer output without pixelation on the same original source. Turned out (discovering on my own) to be the choice of Sharing options on saving output. The second issue which is still unresolved is I cannot record any other sources except the screen (desktop/laptop). I can't record from the camera or add any extra sources, it crashes using the MultiCam. By means I will not mention here, I finally was able to reach Level 2 support and I'm still waiting for a resolution after 3-4 days as of this writing. I can still do the editing I wanted to do, and I do think it has potential, but if Corel could just get their act together and resolve their support issues, I probably would have had a better experience. I don't think the product is bad or inferior, each case is different and computer. So I still support the purchasing of Corel VideoStudio but if you have issues requiring support, good luck.

SoftwareCW Customer
Easy to use Software

Perfect software for personal Video editing

SoftwareCW Customer
Later versions were a better value.

Will buy another brand next time

SoftwareCW Customer
Why do they want you to review the product on the 1st day.

It will take months to really write a good review for this product. However, one thing is for sure it took over an hour to load. even with super fast WiFi. And this was using the DVD disc with 5.63GB. it still has to load 3 programs over the internet. So make sure your internet is up and running before you start to load this software.Pro.Con. How do you remove the updates. i thought i was buying a working finished product.

SoftwareCW Customer
2021 is the best version so far

This is the easiest video editor out there, and it's great for the money. The 2021 version is the best, although you will still have some crashes. I tried 2022 but it was the most unstable. Biggest downfall is that Corel's tech support is useless.

Unlock your creative potential with Corel VideoStudio 2021 Ultimate. This comprehensive consumer video editing software is designed to make the editing process easy and enjoyable. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced editor, VideoStudio Ultimate has all the tools you need to bring your vision to life.

Unleash Your Creativity

  • Create stunning videos with up to Ultra HD 4K resolution and 360-degree video support.
  • Explore a wide range of creative tools including masking, paint creation, color grading, motion tracking, stop-motion animation, and a 3D title editor.
  • Enjoy an intuitive user interface with timeline editing and storyboard editing modes.
  • Trim, split, merge, rotate, and zoom your videos with ease.
  • Add overlays, titles, graphics, and transitions with a simple drag-and-drop.
  • Take advantage of up to 50 video tracks and 8 audio tracks for complete control over your project.
  • Correct lens distortion and fisheye effects with lens correction tools.
  • Benefit from smart alignment tools and adjustable track height for precise editing.

Enhanced Creative Features

  • Bring your videos to life with face-tracking AR stickers and instant project templates.
  • Create captivating split-screen videos with the enhanced template creator.
  • Take advantage of video masking and Mercalli V5 for professional-level effects.
  • Stabilize your shaky footage and add auto motion blur for a polished look.
  • Customize motion, apply color grading LUT profiles, and create highlight reels with the smart movie creator.
  • Track objects and elements in your videos with motion tracking.
  • Create time-lapse videos, record your screen, and edit footage from up to 6 cameras with multicamera editing.
  • Add visual effects with chroma keying and track transparency.
  • Bring your titles to life with the 3D title editor and explore stop-motion animation.
  • Unleash your artistic side with the painting creator and craft professional subtitles with the subtitle editor.

Complete Audio Control

  • Enhance your videos with royalty-free music tracks and sound effects.
  • Adjust, layer, and mute audio to achieve the perfect mix.

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Corel VideoStudio 2021 Ultimate - Instant Download for Windows (1 Computer) - SoftwareCW - Authorized Reseller

Corel VideoStudio 2021 Ultimate - Instant Download for Windows (1 Computer)

$5999 USD $9999


Video Editing

Compatible Operating Systems

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11

Number of Computers/Users

1 Computer

License Duration

One Time Purchase - No Subscription Required

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