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Nero Standard 2018 - Instant Download for Windows (1 Computer)

Nero  |  MPN: NER912800F059  | 
$31.00 USD $99.99

This Software will only work with the following Operating Systems. Confirm your Operating System is listed before Purchasing:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

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SoftwareCW Customer
It Worked

This product installed right away without any problems.

SoftwareCW Customer
I am still learning

I am still have not gotten use to everything. I am still learning the product.

SoftwareCW Customer
Easy to install and use

Reasonable price

SoftwareCW Customer (Denver, US)
Software's Ease of Use:
Very Easy
Very Hard
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Buyer's Operating System: Windows 11

There are hardly any functions that this software performs. I was expecting BACKUP and RECOVER functions.

SoftwareCW Customer

Good product

Nero's Standard 2018 is a suite of downloadable software programs that allows you to manage audio and video files as well as edit and save them to optical discs. With this suite, you can duplicate home movie DVDs or convert them into a format that's tailored for mobile devices.

Nero Video 2018 

Easily create entertaining home and social media videos with Nero Video 2018 non-linear video editing software, compatible with Windows. Nero Video 2018 supports up to 4K resolution in a variety of file formats, so you have the flexibility of working with different sources, including smartphones.

Nero Video lets you edit manually in expert mode, edit quicker in express mode, or simply plug your footage into one of over 50 built-in video templates. Whichever mode you choose, your videos will be enhanced with titles, transitions, effects, background music, and more. New features include new templates, a one-click black bar remover, and vertical video editing for smartphone footage.

If you choose to export to a DVD or Blu-ray discs, Nero Video allows you to create disc menus and create disc covers, so your projects will look professional and complete.

Nero also offers free-to-download mobile apps for iOS/Android that give you flexible playback and streaming functionality for use in conjunction with Nero Video 2018 or independently. Please see the Features section below for information on each app.

Key Features
  • Supports up to 4K resolution in a variety of file formats
  • Edit manually in expert mode, edit quicker in express mode, or plug your footage into 50+ built-in templates
  • Apply titles, transitions, effects, background music, and more
  • New Features: New templates, a one-click black bar remover, and vertical video editing for smartphone footage
  • Create DVD and Blu-ray disc menus and disc covers
Free-to-Download Playback/Streaming Apps
Nero also offers free-to-download mobile apps for iOS/Android that give you flexible playback and streaming functionality for use in conjunction with Nero Video 2018 or independently.

Nero Streaming Player App

With the Nero Streaming Player App, you can easily and wirelessly play the pictures, movies, and music stored on your mobile devices on smart TVs, PlayStation, or other devices in your home network. And whether it's a song, a slideshow of photos, or a movie from your media archive, you can also use your mobile device screen as a remote control to play your PC-based media wirelessly on the largest screen in your home. (For iOS 8.0+ and Android 4.0+.)

Nero MediaHome WiFi Sync App

The Nero MediaHome WiFi Sync App lets you wirelessly transfer media from your mobile device to your PC and from your PC to your mobile device — with automatic format conversion. Simply ensure that your mobile device and your PC are registered on the same network and let the app do its work. (For iOS 8.0+ and Android 4.0+.)

Nero TuneItUp Cleaner & Booster App

Clean out the junk from your Android phone. The Nero TuneItUp Cleaner & Booster App scans your phone and gives it the tune-up it needs. (Android only.)

Nero BackItUp

Connect your Android phone with your computer via Nero AirLink, which guarantees easy discovery and connectivity and makes your backup process even more comfortable. All that's required is a Wi-Fi connection. You no longer need to use cloud services, as you can save you data in a secure environment on your own PC. (Android only.)

Nero AirBurn App

Memories that you only had on your smartphone or tablet can now quickly be burned to CD, DVD, or Blu-ray disc using the Nero AirBurn App. Simply select your files, send them to your PC with the app, and Nero Burning ROM will launch your burning project. (iOS and Android.)

Nero KnowHow App

The Nero KnowHow App contains all the tips, tricks, and expert advice that will have the biggest impact on your projects. With its replies to your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), manuals, video tutorials, and access to the user forum and glossary, all your questions about Nero products and your specific needs are answered. (iOS and Android.)
Nero Burning ROM 2018 

With the downloadable Burning Rom 2018 from Nero you can rip, copy, and burn a variety of audio and video files to CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs.

Rip your favorite songs from audio CDs and save them to your computer, smartphone or MP3 player as this software supports a variety of audio files including MP3, MP3 PRO, ACC, FLAC, and APE file formats. Not only do you get the audio file, NERO Burning ROM 2018 even captures the song titles and album art thanks to built-in GraceNote technology. You can even take your ripped files with you by copying the files to a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc with the same quality and sound of the original file or burn them to the same optical media along with the ability to fine tune your multimedia content.

Whether ripping, copying, or burning, Nero Burning ROM 2018 offers enhanced security with SecurDisc 4.0 which utilizes 256-bit encryption, digital signature, and password protection to ensure your burned files remain safe and secure.

Copy and Import Data and Music
Want to copy and import data and music and burn them to your preferred type of disc? Want to keep data safe and secure? Want to create discs with maximum reliability? No problem with this version of Nero Burning ROM, which uses SecurDisc 4.0 and much more to ensure the best results.
If you need to save your audio CDs and individual songs as files on your PC, smartphone or MP3 player, just convert them to the required format quickly and accurately. Nero Burning ROM supports a variety of file types including MP3, MP3 PRO through AAC and FLAC to APE - including song titles and album details. Now original album art is integrated into the audio file thanks to built-in Gracenote technology, allowing you to easily browse your playlists and play your music in complete comfort.
Would you like to share your movies and play your favorite songs in the car or living room? Copy CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs with quality and sound that are in no way inferior to the original. Audio CDs are also quickly reproduced - including CD text and original album details along with original album art.

Note: Copy capabilities are only for non-copy protected media
Create ISO images or burn your video disc structures and disc images to new media. Burned audio CDs gain even more richness of sound, thanks to filters and other adjustments as well as automatic sound improvement that allows you to match the sound to your taste. What's more, Gracenote technology means you can now also have original album art on MP3 CDs and MP3 DVDs for your car radio. And with the Nero CoverDesigner you can create genuine visual works of art from your burned pieces.
Secure your files using SecurDisc 4.0 technology. With 256-bit encryption, digital signature and password protection, no one but you can access your burned data archive. With Nero Burning ROM 2018 even scratched discs will still be playable thanks to adjustable data redundancy.
Nero MediaHome 2018 

MediaHome 2018 from Nero is a downloadable Windows software program that lets you archive, sort, create, play, and steam multimedia files. MediaHome supports nearly any video and audio format and can be used with audio CDs and DVDs. It helps you organize multimedia files with an enhanced media library feature that is designed for music, videos, photos, movies, and TV shows. Once organized, you can stream the content to a connected smart TV, and with the Nero MediaHome WiFi Sync App, multimedia files are easily transferred to and from iOS and Android devices. Moreover, MediaHome 2018 can automatically add music album covers and movie posters to your files.

Nero Recode 2018 

The downloadable Nero Recode 2018 software program extracts content from CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs, so you can enjoy the media on multiple devices. The program is compatible with Windows-based systems and supports nearly all formats. When compared to the previous version of Recode, the 2018 edition uses an optimized encoding technology that processes tasks quickly and easily. You can use Recode 2018 to create job lists for scheduled conversions and convert media files into 2D, HD, and SD formats. It also guides you through finding an optimal format for your mobile device or game console. Additionally, 1-click trimming tools are available to improve multimedia files by offering rotate, crop, and cut functions.

Import content from nearly any Blu-ray discs, AVCHDs, or DVDs
Extracts video files to 2D, HD, and SD formats
Converts multimedia files for mobile device and game console use
Gracenote automatically adds music album artwork
Free Nero MediaHome WiFi Sync app for transferring media to portable devices
1-click trimming tools correct video orientation as well as rotate, crop, and cut videos

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Nero Standard 2018 - Instant Download for Windows 1 Computer

Nero Standard 2018 - Instant Download for Windows (1 Computer)

$31.00 USD $99.99


Video Editing

Compatible Operating Systems

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11

Number of Computers/Users

1 Computer

License Duration

One Time Purchase

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