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Your Professional Audio Workstation

No production is complete without sound design. Visually intuitive and stocked with tools and effects to master your production, AudioDirector is the comprehensive audio workstation for multi-tracking, mixing, editing and sound restoration.

  • Seamlessly Integrated with PowerDirector.

    Export your entire audio project from AudioDirector directly into PowerDirector and vice versa. Your audio and video project edits synchronize perfectly between the two apps.

Perfect Audio, No Matter Where You Record It

Let powerful AI tools create the perfect recording environment, anywhere. Remove wind gusts, reverb, and echo from audio clips intelligently so dialogue and ambient sounds are clearly heard.

  • AI Wind Remove

Hit the Right Notes

Throw your vocals through professional tone filters – or create your own. Instantly fix pitch issues and achieve perfect intonation.

  • Vocal Transformer

  • Vocal Contouring

Make Any Music Track an Instrumental

Want to use a music track without the distracting vocals? Extract pristine instrumental tracks from your favorite songs.

Master the Mix

Get the most out of your mix with complete track control and comparison. Combine and apply multiple effects at the same time. Add and preview alternate clips side by side, to get the perfect sound.

Audio Editing Made Simple

Record from multiple audio channels directly and apply your favorite effects to different audio files at the same time.

Perfect Podcasts and Voiceovers

Quickly produce error-free podcasts and voiceovers with full-bodied, balanced sound.

Clean Up Your Audio

Apply a range of restoration tools to get crisp, clear, distraction-free vocals. No noise, hiss, hum and distortion.

  • Restoration Tools

    Contour Dialogue

    Plosive Removal

    Reduce Noise

    Remove clicks, pops, crackles

    Distortion Removal

    Hiss & Hum Removal

Audio, Visualized

Edit audio tracks for 360Àö videos in a visual preview window to precisely tune audio direction and elevation. Preview 360Àö video, import & edit multi-channel audio clips and export in 360Àö formats for a smoother workflow.

  • Visual-Spatial Audio

  • 360 Video Support

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