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  • Platform: Mac
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Shift into high gear with TurboCAD Mac Deluxe 2D/3D

TurboCAD Mac Deluxe 2D/3D is a complete 2D/3D CAD solution that is extremely powerful, yet easy to use. Design with powerful 2D/3D drafting and ACIS® modeling tools. Quickly layout floor plans, diagrams, and illustrations. Our simple interface will speed up your workflow so that you can get more done in less time.

TurboCAD Mac Deluxe can help you design projects such as:

• Architectural Drawings• Remodeling Plans
• Prototyping with 3D Printers
• Mechanical Drawings
• Furniture design, woodworking, and cabinetry
• 2D drafting, diagraming and schematic drawings
• Custom manufacturing from CAD to CNC

Compatibility and file sharing

Whether you’re a team of one or many, you’ll have the interoperability needed to collaborate. We’ve ensured that TurboCAD is compatible with over a dozen popular CAD and Graphics formats. You will be able to deliver files that can be opened and edited by users of AutoCAD®  andother popular design software. Your team will be running like a well-oiled machine.

• TurboCAD Mac provides compatibility with AutoCAD®DWG and DXF files, from R12 to 2020
• STL Import/Export for 3D printing
• SVG Import and Export
• 3MF Import & Export
• VMRL 2.0 Texture Support
• OBJ Texture Support
• Adobe Illustrator® Import
• PDF Import
• SketchUp 2020 Import/Export
• Collada™ (DAE) Import/Export
• Complete support for Metric and Imperial units

We will help you learn

While TurboCAD Mac is feature rich, we work hard at making it easy by including intuitive tools like our LogiCursor™ that makes CAD a snap by suggesting your next move as you draw.

TurboCAD Mac Deluxe 2D/3D is loaded with 3D modeling and 2D drafting tools

TurboCAD Mac Deluxe 2D/3D provides solid modeling technology found in many higher-end products. You will have over 275 tools for 2D drafting and a complete set of 3D design tools at your command. Yet thanks to our user-friendly interface, you’ll be able to go from start to finish in no-time-flat.

•  Powerful 3D design tools including mesh, surface, and solid modeling

•  3D editing tools such as blending, chamfering, and shelling

•  Complete design tool with extrusions, Booleans, and surface modeling.

•  Precise geometry suitable for concept to manufacturing’

•  Automatically generate 2D drawings from 3D models

•  Tools to create 3D from 2D shapes

•  Over 275 tools for 2D drafting (text, dimensions, points, lines, arcs, etc.)

•  2D/3D Part Library of over 38,000 items

•  3D printing verification tools

•  2D Geometric and Dimensional Constraints to manage geometrical relationships between 2D shapes!

 Intuitive Design and Editing Utilities

Drawing precisely is easy with TurboCAD Mac! We have designed it to be user friendly and intuitive to work with.

The LogiCursor™ anticipates your next action and guides your cursor to potential point selections in the drawing.

The Gripper adds drag and drop capabilities to make editing designs easy breezy.

Customizable Grids add another level of ease by providing precision drag and drop in rectangular, polar (circular), and isometric layouts.

3D Printing Tools

TurboCAD Mac Deluxe 2D/3D includes 3D printing tools to prepare and validate your designs to make them 3D printer ready.

3D Print Check

Checks for print viability, displaying warnings or errors to the user.

Surface Normals Check

Facet normals define the inside and outside areas of a part. If facet normals are pointing the wrong way, the 3D printer may have problems creating the part. This will check for problems and we have several commands that can help you fix it.

Overhang Analysis

This will help you visually inspect modeling areas that may require structural support for 3D printing. Meshes, surfaces, and solids facets normals are compared to the work plane direction. Angles that are less or equal to 45 degrees are highlighted as red.

Wall Thickness Analysis

This tool provides a means to visually inspect modeling areas that may be too thin for 3D printing. Meshes, surfaces, and solids facets are examined using ray intersections.

Preview Slices

This interface will help you to slice models given a direction and thickness. The dialog box allows for animation through the slices and single-stepping. Use to verify that a part has closed, non-overlapping sections, a requirement for 3D printing.

Auto Position

The Auto Position tool translates the model to the positive x, y coordinate system at z=0.

Support Structure

Manually adds geometry to support material as it is created by the 3D printer. Support structures controls, include Attach Radius, Midpoint Radius, Base Radius, Base Thickness, and Drag base and midpoints to modify structure location.

Show Printer Volume

Toggles the boundary of the default 3D Printer. The volume is defined within the Printer Definitions dialog box.

Printer Definitions

Sets key parameters of the 3D printer, including length, width, and height of the volume accessible by the printer. The parameters in the Printer Definitions dialog box are used for commands such as 3D Print Check and Auto Position.


  • License Duration: Permanent

  • Delivery Type: Instant Download

  • Platform: Mac

  • License Qty: 1 Computer

64-bit Compatible
Multi Threaded Support (New)  
2D Drafting & Annotations   
Weight and Volumes Tables
Best Fit Line and Circle
Angular Tolerance Updates
26 Dimension Types
250+ Drafting Tools
Bill of Materials
CutList BOMs 
Conic Tools
Advance Drafting   
Auto 3D to 2D (Polylines)
Auto 3D to 2D (Precise)  
Section/Detail/Auxiliary Views
MarkUp and Redline  
Save Layers with Views
Repeat Previous Command
Tool Icon Sizing.
Gripper tool – for transforming objects
Customizable Tool Palettes
Customizable Grids 
Video Tutorials
3D Connexion Mouse Support
Draw View Type - for easily scaled Prints (New)
Drawing Wizard
Viewport Layouts
Open Backup 
Print by Layer tool
Print window
Print Large Plot Sizes
Save for Review 
Selection Tools - Lasso, Feature, Mesh  (New)Lasso only
User Guide (Improved)
Architectural Tools   
Doors, Windows
Make 3D 
3D Modeling Tools   
Basic Solids 
Basic Surfaces 
Feature Based/History Tree  
Move Face 
Push/Pull Modeling 
Shelling, Blending 
Updated ACIS® 26 Solid Modeling Kernel (Improved) 
Advanced 3D Modeling   
Wrap (Imprint, Emboss, Engrave) 
Split Mesh 
Mesh Booleans 
Add Loop Tool  
Advanced Surface Tools  
Bending Along Curve 
Bridge Tool 
Cylinder SubD Primitive  
Draft Surfaces 
Feature Patterns  
Fill Hole  
G2 Edge Blending 
Infinite Plane Objects (Improved) 
Inset Quad Mesh Modifier (New)  
Lofting w/Guides  
 Magnet Tool (New) 
Mesh Symmetry (New)  
MicroScribe Digitizer 
Pocket Hole for Woodworking (New)  
Quad Mesh Tools 
Repair Curves (New) 
Rib/Lip Feature   
Skin w/Guides  
Subdivision Tool 
Surface Booleans 
Surface Extend 
Surface Analysis 
Surface Booleans 
Surface Lofting 
Surface Utilities – including Cut Section, Curved Surface and Explode Curve  
Tangent Covers 
Trim/Join Surface 
Woodworking Joint Tools  
Rendering, Presentation and Viualization   
Show/Hide Face 
PhotoRender Spot Light 
Lightworks Texture integration with OBJ, 3MF, 3DS. 
Data Display (Improved, faster) 
Environment Maps  
HDRI Support  
KeyShot Rendering Live Linking (New) 
Material, Decal Library  
OpenGL Rendering  
Poster Size File Export  
QuickTime Video Recorder  
Rapid Render Tool for Woods (New)  
RayTracing, Shadows, Transparency  
Special Lighting Effects   
Strip, Dome and Area lights   
Object Time Lines/Paths  
Panoramic & Object Virtual Reality  
Walk Through, Flyby  
Other Features   
Skinning with Center Line Path
Layer Duplicate
2D/3D Part Library: 26,000 
Multiple ViewPorts (Draw Views)
OpenGL Materials/Textures  
3D Printing   
High Resolution Printing for Objects with Textures. 
3D Print Check 
Auto Position 
Overhang Analysis 
Preview Slices 
Printer Definitions 
Sample STL files 
Show Printer Volume 
Support Structure 
Surface Normals Check 
Wall Thickness 
SketchUp 2020 Import/Export 
DXF/DWG 2020
Adobe Illustrator
3D Studio 
VRML v1 & v2Export OnlyExport Only 
3D PDF ExportExport OnlyExport Only 
Rhino 3D ImportImport Only 
Import PDF and Adobe Illustrator 
Collada Support 
SVG Import/Export

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Larry Shreve
It sucks.

Glitchy commands that don’t allow an escape. Screen graphics are flawed showing intersection that miss. Basically, the MAC version is unusable for architectural drafting.

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